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Marketing Summit 2019

See You Again in 2020!

Scroll down to download the Marketing Summit 2019 Resources and find links to get started!

The PA Marketing Team

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Getting Started: Guardian Social Selling Certification

Log into Guardian Online, and visit .


  • A two-part training course (45 minutes total)
  • LinkedIn best practices
  • Grapevine6 & Proofpoint training video
  • Resources on how social selling can help FRs increase production

Campaign Worksheets

Questions? Contact Sarah Yost, at

Cross Offering

Questions about Cross Offering? Contact Angela Foxx, at

Need help getting set up? Contact Michael Bellantuoni, at

Grapevine6 & LinkedIn

Questions about Grapevine6 or LinkedIn? Contact Nate Isaacson, at

Need help getting set up? Contact Gina Christiano, at

Living Confidently / Millennial Markets

Questions about Living Confidently? Contact Erin Meijer, at,

Need help getting set up? Contact Beth Wood, at

Guardian Online > Marketing > Living Confidently

Here you'll find the latest Seminar Slides, Handouts, and Marketing Pieces! If the link doesn't work, please log in to and click on the Marketing tab. You'll see Living Confidently as a main header!

Useful Links for Getting Started:

See all the latest infographics, articles, videos, calculators, etc. for distributing via email or Grapevine6!


Questions about MarketEdge360? Contact Michael Bellantuoni, at

Need help getting set up? Contact Angela Foxx, at

Microsoft365 and IT

Questions about Microsoft365 or IT? Contact Joe Giarratano, at

Need help getting set up? Contact Chris McMahan, at


Questions about MyNameFlow or need help getting set up? Contact Paul Horrocks, at


Questions about SmartOffice? Contact Nathalie Stewart, at

Need help getting set up? Contact Angela Foxx, at 

Weylman Resources

Questions about the Weylman Center? Contact Teri at

Weylman Center for Excellence in Practice Managment

Need help getting set up? Contact Audra Pugliese at (949) 486-8341 or


Annual Insights, The Business Resource Center, & Web Profile Page

Questions about The Business Resource Center? Contact Dan Ellen, at

Questions about Annual Insights or Web and Profile Pages? Contact Sarah Yost, at